Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On the appropriate blogging software

As a meta-post following my reply to Thomas Upton, I'm thinking about how inappropriate a medium this blog is for publishing code. Hence, I posted the code to a pastebin, though I'm not sure how long it will live there. I think it goes to show that at some point, I'm moving this blog off of Blogger and onto some software on my site. Things that I must have in the blogging software are colorized syntax highlighting, particularly for Python and C. Also, I need the ability to do LaTeX markup, for a lot of the research I do requires mathematical notation, and I'd like to be able to get on the open research train and whore out for ideas on how to improve my research.

I know Wordpress must have syntax plugins, and I know it has a LaTeX plugin. But it's Wordpress, which seems to be an exploitfest unless you update it every five hours. I've dabbled a bit in Django and have thought about coding up a blog in it, but then I get to the wheel reinvention issue, and I have to balance the sheer enjoyment of coding something with the pragmatic point of view of doing something productive. Of course, there must be ready-to-launch Django blog applications, and writing my own module to take a LaTeX formatted string and convert it to a PNG via dvipng must not be hard. That looks like the most favorable option. I dunno. Thoughts?

The good news is that I have my blog RSS hooked up via FeedBurner, so (if and) when I do move the blog, nobody will have to change the address in their RSS reader--their syndication shall continue unbroken (much to their chagrin, I'm sure). I'm glad I found out about that service, and I recommend it to all bloggers as a Good Idea™.

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  1. Wordpress is a great platform, but some plugins are necessary to make it all it can be: Akismet and WP-Cache are amazing.

    The prettify JS and CSS modules allow for some fairly nice syntax highlighting, but it has its issues. Namely that it doesn't highlight LaTeX.

    I continue my quest for proper syntax highlighting to this day.