Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today, I quit

DipToday, I quit.

I had discussions with my advisor, the head of our Ph.D. program, a distinguished, experienced, disinterested professor, and my closest friends and colleagues. I re-read The Dip. I mulled over my thoughts. I made my decision. I parted from my research group.

I quit because I understood I have to change groups to get my Ph.D. The current situation did not work. It was a Cliff. I could not change the situation; I had to change situations. I saw the choice I had to make: I could squander time and energy—mine, my advisor's, my colleagues', the taxpayers', the world's—until I fell off a Cliff, or I could quit, and find a Dip where I will excel and flourish.

Today I quit.

I dedicate this post to the patience, understanding, advice, and aid of those who helped me make this decision. You have my deepest gratitude.


  1. from what I know, this may be the best choice for you. I am optimistic that you will look back on this decision and be satisfied. I firmly believe that intelligent, dedicated people will always make their way in the world, and you are certainly intelligent and dedicated! keep a light heart; you have many friends, many options, and a whole life in front of you!

  2. and remember, for one door that closes, another will open...

  3. Chris you are a talented, thoughtful, and positive person. I have no doubt you will find great success wherever you seek it. Sometimes you have to take a step back to make more efficient progress, realizing this and acting on it is sign of strength, not weakness.

  4. Tim, Ntino, Stew, and Bryan, thanks so much for your support! It means more than I can say.

  5. I apologize for not reading this sooner. You are a very smart and brave person, and I am certain that everything will work out for you (if it hasn't already).